Click play now to watch this short video where I explain that knowing WHY trust is important isn’t enough… it’s HOW to implement intentional trust-based actions that will get you the results that count!

“A growing body of scientific research from the field of Applied Positive Psychology validates WHY the quality of our relationships impacts success. I help leaders, teams and individuals increase their success, by focusing on HOW to build stronger relationships and achieve the results that count, based on the Science of Intentional Trust.”


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  • Trust in Sales
  • Trust in Customer Service
  • Trust in Leadership
  • Trust in Corporate Culture
  • Trust in Employee Engagement
  • Trust in Change Management
  • Trust in Teams

When trust is at risk …
Everything is at risk!



Click to learn more about the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths to help you live an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life!

  • Define an ‘intentional life’
  • Take stock of your truth
  • Clarify life-roles intentions
  • Control your inner voice
  • Develop success habits
  • Set aspirational goals
  • Build trust relationships
  • Be a life-time learner
  • Take intentional action


“I am privileged to meet this country’s most prominent guest speakers. I have to say that few, if any, were able to match the style, delivery and impact of David’s presentation.”

Heidi Tamlyn, PR Manager, AM Club Sydney

Here’s a selection of some of our corporate clients

“As the keynote speaker at our Franchise Conference, David was engaging, motivational and entertaining. The feedback we received was more than positive and we were impressed with how his presentation was tailored to our personal needs.”

Sharyn Hopkins, Network Performance Co-ordinator, L.J. Hooker

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