Intentional Aspirational Goals and New Year Resolutions

I’ve seen a bit of reporting in the media lately about New Year Resolutions and I thought I would check in with my own on-line community to get some evidence of what’s really going on. So I surveyed over 700 of my LinkedIn contacts about New Year Resolutions. With a 40% response rate (which I … Read more »

The Power and Joy of Proactive Intentional Listening

52 Intentional Affirmations: #1. “I am a great listener.  This week I will listen to what people have to say” Each week I’m reporting here on my personal experience in implementing my 52 Intentional Affirmations. These are designed to help us be more intentionally mindful of the impact our intentions have on living a happy, … Read more »

Beyond Happiness – The A to Z of Intentionomics #027 Creativity

Living a ‘good life’ means more than just happiness! In this video series I’ve selected from 101 keywords and discuss how each word can impact your potential to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life. This is keyword #027 – Creativity You have the capacity to create. You create with your … Read more »

You can’t fake character

Gil Reyes is a fitness expert who for seventeen years was the strength and conditioning trainer for retired tennis legend Andre Agassi. In an interview as part of a documentary I was watching this week he said this… “You can say a lot of things, you can do a lot of things, but you can’t … Read more »

Mindful and grateful time control

This is my first post on Intentionomics for 2013 and I’m certainly looking forward to sharing with you my research and experiences on the impact of our intentions on living more happy, flourishing and prosperous work and personal lives. While I’m not a big ‘new year resolution’ type of person, Liz and I certainly do … Read more »