How optimistic are you about 2014?

How optimistic do you think you are when it comes to your life turning out the way you hope it will? If you look back, say 10 years ago, and think about where you are today in your personal and business life, how close are you living your life in ways you expected? What are … Read more »

Why New Year Resolutions Fail or Succeed

Jamie Travers on 2SER radio 107.3 (Sydney Educational Radio) interviewed me about new year resolutions. We covered a lot of ground around goals, character, optimism, success and much more. You can listen to the interview here. It runs for about 9 minutes.

How to get more practical meaning in your life

If you’re trying to discover the meaning of life… good luck with that – I certainly don’t have an answer for you. However, research from the field of applied positive psychology suggests that if you’re not living a meaningful life, the reality is you’re probably living a meaningless life… and rather than flourishing you may … Read more »

How ‘well’ will you be in your older age?

Here’s a quick heads up on important lifestyle research for financial planners and life coaches about what science tells us does and does not predict our potential to age well. As the first wave of baby boomers have now entered retirement years and the second wave of baby boomers are about to do the same … Read more »

An argument against ‘bouncing forward’

As we step into 2014 many people start with resolutions about the changes they will make in their lives, and about being more motivated, more positive, more more more… in the pursuit of living a happy, flourishing and prosperous work and personal life. Let’s start with a scientific fact – humans are aspirational goal seeking … Read more »

Is wisdom something only available to us as we get older?

Wisdom wants you to discover it, but you will need intention, effort, discipline and time to do so. As you dust off the celebrations of seeing out 2013 and wipe your eyes to clear a vision for 2014, here’s a short self-assessment for you based on the work of Staudinger, Sowarka, Maciel and Baltes (Subjective … Read more »