Change Your Intentional Focus

Have you ever thought about how amazing your peripheral vision is? If you stare straight ahead of you, and focus on just one object, everything else around you, almost at 90 degrees to your left and right and everything in between, is still there, but slightly out of focus. A simple shift of your focus, … Read more »

3 Intentional Self-Coaching Questions

Regardless of your life roles (personal and business), I would assume you agree that given a choice to whether you’d rather be flourishing in your life or languishing in your life, you would choose flourishing. (If you seriously would rather languish, or just don’t care, I recommend you seek professional help… because whether you believe … Read more »

Forget balance – intentionally let things go

Do you ever have moments, days, weeks or even longer where you realise that the whole idea of ‘a balanced life seems so far beyond your capacity to experience because of extenuating circumstances? I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog posting of late and that’s because I’ve been juggling conferences and university assignments and … Read more »