Why Role Models Are Important

What is a role model to you? Who are your role models? These are important questions to consider in both your personal and business life. We’re in the amazing city of Beijing, having just finished a conference in Shanghai, and after one of my presentations on The Science Intentional Trust, I was asked who my … Read more »

Beyond the neurotic aim of living in the now

Despite some of the hype around the “Now” theorists, I think it would be weird (maybe even neurotic) to be living in ‘the now’ or ‘in-the-moment’ for every moment of any day, and for me (and I think most people) I’m happy to be on auto-pilot and allow habit to kick in throughout the day… … Read more »

Are you in control?

Liz and I are in Shanghai where I’m presenting at a conference, and in our preparation for travel, Liz, who is a self-confessed over-preparer and what I loosely refer to as an optimistic pessimist (Liz wanted me to write ‘realist’… so ok!)… anyway, we got chatting about our Wills, and what we need to let … Read more »

How cynical are you about being ‘happy’

Happy international day of happiness to you. Yes, that’s right, the General Assembly of the United Nations has proclaimed the 20th of March annually to be International Day of Happiness. I’ve blogged around this time last year about happiness being hijacked by the distractions created by the current me-now-want-spend society (which marketers and advertisers have … Read more »

JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out

You might be familiar with the term FOMO standing for the Fear of Missing Out. This has become a negatively impacting life phenomenon, mostly driven by the growing habit of people constantly checking what amazing (and in reality mostly boring and mundane) things other people are up to and sharing through tweeting, texting, or posting … Read more »

Where Are You On Your Ladder Of Life?

One of the tools that Ed Diener (one of the recognised founders of Positive Psychology) created is the Ladder of Life. Basically you think of your life as a ladder consisting of 10 steps. At the bottom of the ladder is a life so far away from what you’d like to be living and the … Read more »

An ex-smoker’s view on intentional self-control

How well do you ‘self-regulate’? Or asked in another way, are you someone who can demonstrate self-control in order to help you live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life? One of the topics I’ve covered this year in my Master Degree in Applied Positive Psychology is Self-Regulation or as it is … Read more »