Can you really trust yourself?

If you’re like most people, (and when referring to human behaviour, most of us are like most people), you’d probably say you can trust yourself. The reality is, however, if you hold yourself accountable for your own truth, most people (myself included), don’t have to look too hard to find small and everyday examples where … Read more »

The Chicken or Egg of Happy Productive Workers

Are you happy in your job role? Is it your company’s responsibility that you be happy at work? Continuing on my last post on the myth of work-life balance, I was reading a thought provoking Business Insider article today by Jane Watson with the headline ‘Why Companies Should Stop Trying To Make Employees Happy’. The … Read more »

The Work-Life Balance Myth

I’ve been giving this idea of pursuing work-life balance some real consideration over the past few months and having successfully completed the first year of a three year Master Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, I’m convinced more than ever, that the pursuit of work-life balance while it might sound ideal, will potentially cause you more … Read more »

Perspective – A Lesson From Loss

How proficient are you at keeping or putting things in perspective? I’m currently writing the first chapter in my new book The Science of Intentional Trust, and one of the elements I will be writing about is what I refer to as the Triangle Of Three Trusts which refers to (1) Self-Trust, (2) Trust In … Read more »

Build Intentional Trust Relationships

We already know from positive psychology research that relationships are one of the important ingredients to living a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life. And in a recent article by Megan Willet posted on Business Insider Australia titled ‘Here’s The Best Advice From A Single Guy Who Spent A Year Interviewing Couples’ provides further real … Read more »

Happy Life, Meaningful Life, Well-Being, & A Good Life!

In the academic world (philosophical and psychological), and dating all the way back to Aristotle there are two main approaches to defining a happy life (although arguably there are probably many more). I personally like the term ‘well-being’ as a more descriptive word of what the field of positive psychology is really all about. Happiness … Read more »