7 Life Lessons from Maria Popova

Here are 7 life lessons from my favourite blogger Maria Popova of Brain Pickings that arrived on Sunday… a very fitting end to the financial year for us to reflect on our own lives, and certainly timely for me after just returning to the office after a 5 week jaunt around France with Liz celebrating … Read more »

Optimism is not Hope, and both require Intentional Action

Are you hopeful or optimistic about your future? While it might seem at first that being hopeful and being optimistic are the same, I do not think hope is the same as optimism. There are two current theories on Optimism, and they share one major element, and that is, both theories link optimism to an … Read more »

A pragmatic look at mindfulness

One of my intentional goals in living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life is to be more intentionally mindful, in more moments, more often. Recently I completed a reflective exercise as part of my study for my Master Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and I’ve been recording/journaling at the end of every day my reflections … Read more »

Is age really just a number?

What a wonderfully inspiring topic! My youngest son has just celebrated his 21st birthday and in his birthday speech, which he was relatively sober for (relatively… ), he did mention, among many things, how happy he was to have parents who were role models for treating age as just a number. Now before you think … Read more »