Is Intentional Trust on Your Agenda

When we get used to things, we tend to start taking them for granted. And when we start taking things for granted, there’s the potential for us to devalue whatever it is we’ve got used to. It’s so easy to get used to a beautiful view that you see every day. It’s so easy to … Read more »

Who Do You Trust With Your Mind

In this post I want to share some advice I received over two decades ago – “Watch who you let near your mind!” I was given this advice by behavioural scientist George Dudley, one of the authors of a book with the fantastic title of “Earning What You’re Worth”. (If you’re a business owner, sales … Read more »

The cost of reactive trust in financial advice

I know I’ve been harping on a bit recently about the financial planning industry being at a potential tipping point when it comes to trust, however, what the industry is experiencing is part of a global tipping point, where the significant risk and costs of dis-trust (disengaged trust) are increasingly being exposed and experienced across … Read more »

Likeability is not enough… You need Trust!

I was interviewed yesterday for a feature article on ‘likeable bosses’ that will be published in an upcoming release of the Small Business Magazine. Let me give you this quick summary of my thoughts on the topic of likeable bosses. 1. It just makes sense that the scientific evidence is overwhelming that employees are more … Read more »

When Authenticity Puts Trust At Risk

Authenticity is one of those ‘at the moment’ words that gets bandied around and often referred to as ‘being true to yourself’ – but that’s a fairly shallow definition. From a practical and ‘common sense’ approach, it just makes sense that being authentic allows people to see the ‘real you’… and this is key to … Read more »

Is each day becoming just like the last?

One of my favourite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho… (To see my list of recommended books and some of the reviews, please visit the resource centre). The Alchemist is packed full with gems of wisdom woven into an intriguing tale. In this post I want to point out one element that really resonated … Read more »

Even When Trust Exists – Value Recognition May Not!

In the current environment of the financial planning sector, I’m sure that a number of on-lookers from outside of the industry are like me, shaking their heads. Get this… they actually have legislation that ‘enforces’ that financial advisers provide advice that is based on the best interest of their clients. Say what? Most thinking people … Read more »

Shifting The Lens Of Intentional Trust

Trust is the foundation on which relationships are built and maintained. However, in business, trust is also a powerful driver for competitive advantage.   In Sally Bibb’s & Jeremy Kourdi’s book “A Question Of Trust”, they write: “The effects (of damaged trust) can range from missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential to complete dishonesty and… damaged … Read more »

Is your FOMO ruining your relationships?

“What you focus your motivation on grows stronger!” A recent study suggests that people who invest too much time on social media are more likely to have relationship issues. I got thinking about this and it just makes sense doesn’t it? If you’re investing your motivation in the ‘cyber world’ and investing less mindfully in … Read more »

Trust links Reputation and Intention

When trust is at risk… everything is at risk! This is especially true when it comes to reputation. The CBA’s CEO, Ian Narev said “It’s really important to look at reputational damage… in the long term” while being interviewed on Channel 9’s Financial Review Sunday (click here for the interview). How consciously focused are you … Read more »