The risk and cost of
distrusted leaders

I want to thank Steve Simpson for letting me know about a 2013 Global Leadership Pulse Survey, that reports while most organisational leaders say it is important for employees to trust them, however, more than 65% of employees rate their level of trust in their leaders as moderate at best. If these statistics were valid … Read more »

How to stop fear from
hijacking your motivation

I’ve been listening in to the conversations of people during breaks at conferences I’ve been attending recently, and sadly, it doesn’t take long for the conversations to focus on these miserable low-lifes who are currently and increasingly, terrorising the world. It’s prompted me to ask of myself, my family and now here in this post, … Read more »

Are You On The
Consumption Treadmill?

The Greek philosopher Epicurus said: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” This is not to say that we oughtn’t be striving to achieve and have the things in our life that will add more … Read more »

Searching for meaning in life
just might be meaningless!

I recently watched this acceptance speech by Tim Michin who had just received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Western Australia… I highly recommend you watch it too. I just love Tim’s idea that ‘searching for meaning to be a meaningless venture’ – rather, live now, more intentionally mindful in more moments, … Read more »

Can your future-self
trust your current-self?

Yesterday I conducted a lecture on The Science of Intentional Trust to around 100 University of Technology Sydney undergraduates studying Collaborative Business Processes. Well, my presentation style doesn’t really equate to the typical lecture, and it was certainly a surprise approach for many of the 2nd year Information/Business degree students. One of the key areas … Read more »

The Privilege Of Trust

I was in Fiji last week to conduct a keynote presentation on Intentional Trust for about 100 Property Strategists from IronFish. What a privilege it is to present to a company where it’s obvious through every touch-point of my experience with the founding directors and the property strategists, that they genuinely share an intention of … Read more »

Developing habits for Self-Trust

Our future self needs our current self to make good decisions. Most of us have heard the saying ‘we are creatures of habit’, but I wonder how many of us can honestly say we are intentionally building and maintaining habits that will help us live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives? This is a question … Read more »

Trust Is Not The Measure
Of Sales Success

A warning to any business owner or manager looking to jump onto the trust-based selling bandwagon… trust is not the measure of sales success – surely the measure of sales success has always been and will always be sales results… more new, repeat and referral sales. In the mid nineteen nineties, I was working for … Read more »