Beware the Nay-Sayers on Happiness

In this post I want to share a concern I have regarding a trend of nay-sayers who would have you believe that taking stock of your truth about your happiness or life satisfaction is potentially bad for you. This view that has gained some momentum is that the pursuit of happiness is flawed, and that … Read more »

Take A Look In The Mirror

Much of the focus on character – whether that’s personal or organisational, is on WHY. The problem is, most of us need to know HOW… not just WHY! In the field of applied positive psychology, my research is around the impact of our intentions on trust, relationships, meaning and success. Not just on WHY trust … Read more »

2015 – A year of boredom?

Alarm goes off. Routine starts. Shower. Dress. Breakfast. Commute. Arrive at work. Coffee. Email. To Do List. Start… This is life in default. And defaulting in life is failing in life. I’ve only just discovered this video from a 2005 college graduation speech (thanks to Angela Lockwood for sharing with me). I trust you enjoy … Read more »