Reputation Ruined in 140 characters

Last night I experienced just another example that when trust is at risk, everything is at risk. I was watching QandA on ABC last night and one of the tweets that scroll through at the bottom of the screen read “you are only one tweet away from ruining your life”, which was first tweeted by … Read more »

The Benefits Of Designing A Life With small m Meaning

In a recent Fast Company article, Ainsley O’Connell discusses a new program being offered by Stanford University that they are calling ‘Design Your Life’. You can read the full article here. What caught my attention was this quote: “We invite people to live intentionally, in a generative, thoughtful way.” My definition of living intentionally is … Read more »

3 Ways To Manage Change Better

Liz and I moved into our new home and office last week and to say that its been an emotional journey is an understatement. The rain basically started as the removalists were unloading the trucks last Friday and hasn’t stopped. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll realise that the last few months … Read more »