Reactive Resilience or
Proactive Positioning of Awareness

Let’s face it, sometimes even for those of us who have good jobs, good relationships, and a good life overall, every now and then, we find ourselves, either intentionally or unintentionally in stressful situations where we can potentially just lose control. When these moments are what I refer to as micro moments of mayhem, this … Read more »

Self-Trust: Time to take stock!

Are you making intentional decisions and taking intentional actions that will help you to thrive in your business and flourish in your life? Advice that Liz and I have always given to our sons as they leave our home is “Make good decisions!” It’s become a bit of a mantra for our sons, and I’m … Read more »

Corporate Pest Control
(Get rid of the ‘A-Holes’)

Here’s an idea… “First get rid of all the arseholes in your organisation before trying to make everyone else happy and engaged in the workplace.” This was a refreshingly practical, poignant, meaningful and inescapably challenging comment that Dr Paul Wong (internationally acclaimed researcher, professor and author on positive psychology) recently presented in a lecture to … Read more »

Are You A Rebellious Leader?

Are you a rebellious leader? Here are 11 trademarks of rebellious leaders from a select group of members of Switch and Shift’s League of Extraordinary Thinkers (of which I’m one of the members). Rebellious Leaders are: Unimpressive In it for others Earn the right of leadership Empower people What we all need Always honest, not … Read more »

Earning Trust In A Team Learning Event

If you want to get more creative results stop brainstorming, shut up, unplug and well… just think for yourself for a change. And if you’re a leader, adopting this approach will help you to earn more trust from your team in any learning, problem solving or strategy development program. In a business world that seems … Read more »