Building Trust Through
Disruptive Positive Selling

One of the biggest problems with the ‘soft-selling’ movement is that many salespeople either intentionally or unintentionally stepped out of the assertive expert-adviser position required for successful selling. By not wanting to appear too pushy or coercive, salespeople have been taught to focus on building the relationship, and this created the emergence of relationship-based selling. … Read more »

The menace of thought leadership

Here’s a bit of a warning for anyone claiming to be a ‘thought leader’ or expert on a particular topic. A recently released intriguing research study suggests that self-proclaimed thought leaders and experts are more likely to “allege knowledge of completely made-up information and false facts”. The researchers have labelled this phenomenon as “overclaiming”. One … Read more »

Mastering Presentations
and Building Trust

As a professional conference speaker and masterclass presenter, I’m convinced that two of the reasons Liz and I are in our 21st year of business together, is the focus we have on earning the trust of our clients and the audience members in my programs, as well as the level of presentation skills that I’ve … Read more »

Disruption and Trust

Without doubt, one of the hot topics in the world of business for the past few years and still hot today is Disruption. This rather odd concept that has both the potential to be a threat and an opportunity, depending on your context and positioning, is in reality not all that new. For years now … Read more »

Which generation has more interpersonal trust?

The latest research on trust has big implications for intergenerational leadership and teams within organisations. At an intuitive and experiential level, most of us get that trust is the foundation of relationships. We also know that almost everything in our lives is impacted by the relationships we have. The latest research findings from two studies … Read more »

What friends are supposed to do

In Bruno Mars’ song “Count On Me” he sings the line “that’s what friends are supposed to do”. If you go back quite a few years, Dionne Warwick sang the beautiful song “That’s what friends are for”. The relationships we have, not just our friends, but all of our personal and professional relationships have the … Read more »