Counting Your Intentions
Builds Trust Relationships

Whether you’re an executive leader or team member, or when you’re thinking about your professional or personal life, we all get that some things in life count more than others. Albert Einstein said ‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.’ When I first read that quote many … Read more »

The Intentionomics Of Leadership

“Leadership is about who you are, not what you do.” This was a sign I had seen out front of our local church, and I shared it with a recent masterclass program that I was presenting to some emerging leaders within a financial planning group. Almost in unison, the group of emerging leaders nodded their understanding … Read more »

Science Links Intention With Wellbeing

One of the most reported findings of research in the field of applied positive psychology is that the majority of people would rather be flourishing than languishing in their life. It just makes sense doesn’t it? It’s a reality that not everyone in the world has the same amount of freedom to choose what they … Read more »

Compassionate Leadership Is Not ‘Soft’

I struggle to come to terms with what so many people refer to as ‘SOFT SKILLS’. A skill is a skill. Whether it’s soft or hard is irrelevant. What’s important is whether the skill is being learned and applied at a level of competence or mastery that results in desired goal achievement. I don’t understand … Read more »

How Character Strengths
Build Thriving Workplaces

If you want a thriving business where leaders and their teams are flourishing professionally and personally, there is considerable and convincing scientific evidence that recommends training, coaching and developing your leaders and their teams to be aware of and regularly apply their ‘signature strengths’. While arguably Aristotle is famously known for his focus on the … Read more »

Developing A Disruptive Lens

Leaders and their teams who can develop and harness a ‘disruptive lens’ will be more proactive, confident and flexible, which are three key drivers of success in times of disruption, distraction and change. I got thinking about this practice of developing a disruptive lens following a recent yoga session. I’ve discovered Yoga has a way … Read more »