What Are You Prepared To Do?

Part of my new year strategic planning is to reflect on the most important pieces of advice that I’ve received in my professional and personal life. In this post, let me ask you… What comes to top of mind for you when you think of the most important advice you’ve received? For me, as I … Read more »

Leaders need Responsibleness Not Responsibility

Almost any leader will be able to impose responsibility on their individual and collective team members. Imposing responsibility is very much a command-follow and carrot/stick leadership tactic. Responsibility is imposed externally through fear or reward. This is the basis of consequence management, and it’s paradoxical. If a leader chooses not to apply consequence management, (celebrating, sharing … Read more »

How to be at ease with disruption

Recently I stumbled upon a word the Japanese use to describe serenity in the midst of activity or chaos. The word is ‘Seijaku’. While it has other meanings including peacefulness, this idea of finding serenity in the midst of chaos has significance for any organisational leader looking for ways to better manage disruption, distraction and … Read more »