You have a lot of resources available to you right now to help you live a happy flourishing and prosperous work and personal life.

I’ve just completed studying the text book on Positive Psychology by Compton and Hoffman which is a meta-study on much of the research conducted in the wide ranging field of applied positive psychology.

The thing that jumped out at me most was how often one research study would shed a different perspective on the findings of another research study.

For example – Do you think money can buy you happiness? Well the answer is it depends. It depends on your level of income, your life-situation, your attitude to money, what you choose to spend your money on and so on it goes. So yes money can contribute to your happiness and at the same time can have little or no long term impact.

Another example is the evidence from research that suggests buying ‘things’ won’t increase your overall long-term sense of well-being. Well, on the other hand, again, it depends on what ‘things’ you buy and how important those things are to you in living the ‘good life’.

Beyond the research

But all this got me thinking about what do we personally have control over that when we are clear on our intention, will help us live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life? Now this is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a pretty good place to start, and as the 2nd inescapable truth in the Intentionomics Blueprint is to ‘Take Stock of your Truth’, I trust you’ll find the list and the thoughts it generates for you of value.

  1. Time – How well are you intentionally using your time?
  2. Knowledge – How are you using your existing knowledge and what are you proactively learning to help you flourish?
  3. Skills – How are you applying the skill sets you have to help you demonstrate your intention for you and for others in your personal and work relationships?
  4. Money – What’s your attitude to money and how are your financial decisions helping you prosper in life?
  5. Things/Possessions – How attached are you to the things you own and the possessions you have, and to what extent do you believe you’re on the hedonic treadmill of keeping up with the Joneses?
  6. Relationships – How clear are you on your intentions, your promises and your actions when it comes to your personal and work relationships?
  7. Thoughts – To what extent are you consciously and mindfully aware of the thoughts you have throughout the day and the impact those thoughts might be having on how you feel and the actions you take?
  8. Feelings – To what extent are you consciously and mindfully aware of the feelings you have throughout the day and what thoughts are causing you to feel the way you do, and the impact those thoughts and feelings might be having on your actions and results
  9. Actions – To what extent are the actions you choose aligned with your intentions?
  10. Spirit – How aware are you of your inner-spirit, that sense of connectedness to others and the world around you?
  11. Past – To what extent is your past helping or hindering your present and future potential to live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life?
  12. Present – How are your current intentions, promises, actions and results promoting or exposing you to a more intentional life
  13. Future – While we can’t control our future, how well are you planning and taking action today with intention to create the happy, flourishing and prosperous life you desire?
  14. Goals – The only goal you can never achieve are the goals you don’t set. While you may not achieve every goal you set, unless you set intentional aspirational goals, your life will seem somewhat unfulfilled.
  15. Intention – Are you clear on your intention for the relationships you have in your personal and business roles (including your intention for yourself)?
  16. Work – We invest a massive amount of our life in our work. To what extent are you looking for ways to make the most of your time at work
  17. Routines/Habits – How aware are you of the alignment of your daily habits in work and personal life with your intention?
  18. Health – To what extent are you living a healthy lifestyle?
  19. Technology – Is technology driving you or are you using technology with intention to live a more happy flourishing and prosperous life?
  20. Social Media – To what extent is social media improving or impeding the depth of trust in the relationships you have in work and personal life?

The 9th inescapable truth in the Intentionomics Blueprint is to Make Intentional Choices and to Take Intentional Action. I hope this list generates some intentional choices and actions for you, as it has for me.