2UE George & PaulI was interviewed on Saturday by the enigmatic George Moore and Paul B. Kidd about International Day of Trust. If you missed it, an audio link will be available soon on the ‘In The Media’ section on this site.

One of the observations that Paul made was about the lack of trust we have in society today and that perhaps a few decades ago we were a more trusting nation.

It’s an interesting question to reflect on isn’t it! Are we less trusting today than we were in the past? If it’s true, what might be the cause of that?

Here’s my take on things…

While I don’t have empirical research (at this stage) to back up my views, what I do think however, is we are less trusting today than we perhaps were in the past. Paradoxically I think one of the reasons is the increase in mobile phones with video/audio recording. Everyone with a mobile phone today is potentially an independent reporter… and with this, people are being ‘caught out’ more often.

As I posted recently, this ought to also have the positive impact of people being more aware of their choices of action, and ideally, help more people make more positive character based and morally supporting decisions. However, at the same time, the posts of people being caught out and the regular feeding of the morally or ethically corrupt, illegal and just plain stupid on our TV screens, brings the whole idea of trusting people under question.

During the interview George and Paul asked what I hoped to achieve through raising the awareness of the International Day of Trust, and my response was, just to highlight that, as my friend and Trust Ambassador Vanessa Hall says ‘Trust is fragile’, and that it is up to each and everyone of us to take the personal responsibility of earning trust in our lives… this includes self-trust, trust in others and others trusting in us.

So now that the International Day of Trust has again come and gone, I urge you to not leave trust to chance… because, the chances are when we leave things to chance, we just leave them.

Trust deserves so much more of our intention.