Where do you go in search of wisdom? This is an important question for you to consider. And the reason it’s so important, is that wisdom wants you to find it, however, you’re more likely to discover it when you’re proactively looking for it.

For many years now I’ve been a fan of the late Jim Rohn. Possibly his most quoted philosophy was in these words “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

What does it mean to be a better person? Who decides if you are or not? How do you become a better person?

I’m convinced the answer is for each of us to be proactively in search of wisdom and as we discover wisdom, whether it appears in a simple “uh huh” moment, or an epiphany of your life’s purpose, that we apply that wisdom with intention in each of our life roles.

Another of Jim Rohn’s key messages that has been a guiding piece of wisdom for me is the importance of developing our character through the study and formation of a personal philosophy to be proud of (my words, not Jim’s). While reading Alain De Botton’s ‘The Consolations Of Philosophy’ I discovered that the Greek etymology of philosophy as a word is derived from philo (love) and Sophia (wisdom). So philosophy is the love of wisdom.

The 8th inescapable truth for a prosperous life in the Intentionomics® Blueprint is to Develop a thirst for intentional learning, and when you have a proactive and intentional love of wisdom, and when you’re constantly looking out for the lessons that life presents to you on a daily basis, wisdom appears when you least expect it and in places and at times that can pleasantly surprise you.

Life Lessons From Yoga

I’ve recently taken up yoga based on some advice from my physiotherapist, and while the main reason was to improve my flexibility and core strength I’ve quickly learned that while practicing yoga it presents a wonderful reflection on life and once again some lovely and distinct lessons for me. As an example in a recent yoga session Louise, our yoga instructor, gently said “Let go of your ego and don’t try to push through the stretch”. In many of our lives away from the balanced breathing and movements in yoga, wanting to learn quickly and wanting to push through barriers is something that often causes wasted frustration of not being able to achieve mastery quickly. Some things take time – like a new stretch position in yoga – it’s best to just rest into it, breathe, listen and feel what your body is telling you. Just as you become better at mastering each stretch position in yoga over time, your proactive and intentional search for wisdom applied with intentional action will help you move, grow and continually becoming a better person.

What are you trying to achieve at the moment that you might be pushing through and that your ego might be getting in the way? Perhaps stopping, breathing and reflecting on what is really going on, what might you need to start, stop or continue doing that will help you incrementally move and develop into a stronger position and move forward toward self awareness, self mastery, success, prosperity and being a better person?

Our character is on display throughout our daily lives for all others to see… as Aristotle said, “our actions and behaviours are our morals shown in conduct.” Are you taking the time to check in on what your behaviours and actions are telling you about you? Are you reflecting on your actions and your results and the intentions you have that are producing those actions and results?

What activities are you currently involved in that wisdom may be presenting itself to you… trying to teach you something? What are your actions and behaviours telling you about you? Taking stock of your truth about you is the 2nd inescapable truth for a prosperous life in the Intentionomics Blueprint, and the opportunities you have to stop, tune the world out and tune into your own truth does not require the art and science of meditation (although a worthwhile practice). All it requires is your intentional choice to seek wisdom through an intentional thirst for learning.

What I know is this – you won’t have to look far for life’s lessons; if you choose to discover it, wisdom is waiting for you. What a refreshing look at the meaning of your personal philosophy – that it is a love of wisdom.

Of course wisdom discovered, without intentional action, is just more information and knowledge. It’s your intentions, actions and results that demonstrates your wisdom, your character and your truth… People Get Your Truth!