I was fortunate to attend a professional speaker’s summit that was held exclusively for the best in the business yesterday and during one of the intensive discussions, one of those attending shared a particular experience that can only be shared in an environment of safety and trust.

The physical and emotional energy in the room reminded just how much impact intentional trust has in our lives. In our personal and business life, trust matters, and today’s post is a simple reminder, and hopefully a pattern interrupt to get you to think about how your promises, actions and results that you’re achieving are influencing the levels of self-trust, trust in others and others trusting in you?

One of the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life outlined in the Intentionomics Blueprint is to define your intention for each of your life roles.

The scientific evidence from applied positive psychology research has shown the importance of engagement in ‘life’ as being one of five key elements of flourishing in our lives. Martin Seligman’s work in particular has shown the direct impact that being engaged in what we do can have on our wellbeing.

It just makes sense for us to be engaged in what we do, and that we draw a sense of pride, enjoyment, learning, personal growth and that we’re applying our ‘strengths’ to the various life roles we have… these are key indicators of being engaged in what we do.

However, at the base of engagement, is a belief in the value we’re creating when we do what we do in each of our personal and business life roles. This is where defining your intention for each life role can greatly assist in your engagement in what you do.

When you think deeply about what you wish, hope, or want for the people you impact either directly or indirectly in your personal and business life roles… you’re defining an intention. And when you’re clear on your intention, you can then make intentional promises, take intentional action and more likely achieve the intentional results you seek for yourself and others.

And this is what achieves trust!

At the professional speakers summit I attended yesterday, our intentions for each other were clear – to share our knowledge and experience in ways that will promote flourishing in our personal and business lives… and because of that clarity of intention, we were operating in a trust environment.

Let me leave you with this question… to what extent are you personally contributing to creating a trust environment in your personal and business life?

Your honest answer to that question and intentional actions that you take based on your answer will make a significant difference to you and to those you impact in your various personal and life roles.

Trust matters… character matters… intentions matter.