I’ve been interviewed this week by Sydney Radio 2UE’s enigmatic duo George Moore & Paul B. Kidd as well as the wonderfully manic ‘Big Couch’ team of Clairsy, Shane & Kymbo on Perth’s radio 94.5FM.

You can check out the interview recordings here

The topic was on how fast the year is flying and the way to slow things down by being more mindful in more moments more often.

However, one of the side topics I touched on during the interview with George & Paul was on our life purpose.

George pointed out his belief that our life purpose is to live our life, and I reckon he’s right on the button with this. In fact, and I’ve posted about this in the past, I also am convinced that many of the motivational gurus who espouse that we all need to be pursuing our passion and pursuing our life purpose are causing more harm than good.

What I mean is this. Very few of us are fortunate enough to have discovered a ‘calling’ a purpose in life that is so clear to us, that it’s what we know we were born to do.

However, when we focus our intentions on the people we impact directly through each of our life roles, and then with intention, live our life by taking the intentional actions required to fulfil the intentional promises we make to ourselves and to others, we are living an intentional life, a life filled with purpose – and as George Moore so eloquently put it, we thereby are living a purposeful life.

What we know from the research in applied positive psychology is that one of the core elements to living a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life is to have a sense of meaning – a sense of living our life and taking action on things that have a bigger impact than just on our self. For some this may mean religion, but it doesn’t need to be… having a sense of meaning is knowing that you’re clear on your intentions for others in each of your life roles, and that you’re taking intentional action to fulfil your intentional promises to make their worlds, in some way better because of what you’re intentionally doing.

So rather than ‘buying into’ the ‘Life-Purpose Myth’, and potentially waste your time worrying about not feeling like you have a ‘calling’… focus on your intention for each life role, and you’ll paradoxically discover that living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life is in fact living a purposeful life.