In a recent article on CEO Blog Nation the question was asked “Which personality is best for entrepreneurs?”

As I was reading some of the responses that had been submitted from a diverse range of entrepreneurs, it dawned on me that whether we are talking about entrepreneurs, business owners, or in-company leaders and the individual team members within any organisation large, medium or small, it isn’t personality that matters, it’s character.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with a wide range of entrepreneurs, business owners, company leaders and employees from a diverse range of industries and professions, and the reality is that every one of them has their own unique personality.

However, it’s not personality that causes results – it is intentional action.

Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, people oriented, task oriented, detail driven or a blue-sky thinker, it is your intentional actions that create the results you achieve.

When you analyse the Intentionomics Trust Model below, what you will quickly realise is that the platform principle of Intentionomics highlights this very point. The platform principle of Intentionomics is that People Get Your Truth! Over time your intentions, promises, actions and results will either promote or expose you. It’s what builds trust, and it’s our trust relationships that will either support us in our success, or expose us and undermine our success.

The model clearly shows that it’s our intentions (our bigger WHY!) that are the foundation or platform upon which the three pillars of our promises, actions and results all rest (these are based on our WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW), and that Trust sits balanced on top of those three pillars (and trust is all about our WHO!).

Any crack that appears in the three pillars (promises, actions or results) or in the foundation (our intentions), trust is at risk.

When our intentions are built on a bigger WHY (and have considered the impact of those intentions on others and go beyond just our own selfish wants) this drives our promises, our actions and our results. This creates a stable platform upon which trust is safe and strong, which in turn creates the reciprocity of new promises, actions and results.

When our intentions are flawed, or we are not mindfully focused on the impact of our intentions, our promises, actions and results will not be such that earn trust, and therefore trust is no longer safe or on a stable platform. And therefore, reciprocity of new promises, actions and results will be at risk or non-existent.

Getting back to the idea of which personality is best for an entrepreneur (or anyone for that matter), I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of a confrontation between two people being referred to as a clash of personalities.

I’m not convinced that’s what’s really going on. My view is that it’s the ‘behaviour’ that’s clashing, not the personalities.

So regardless of your personality, it’s your mindful and intentional promises, actions and results that will build a stable platform for earning trust.

Look to each of your life roles (in business and in your personal life) and think deeply about your intentions for each person you impact through those life roles. Be clear on your intention and trust will grow. When trust grows (including self-trust), you are much better placed to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life… regardless of your personality.