52 Intentional Affirmations:

#5. I have an extra mile philosophy! This week I will do something intentionally positive for someone who didn’t expect it.

Each week I’m reporting here on my personal experience in implementing my 52 Intentional Affirmations. These are designed to help us be more intentionally mindful of the impact our intentions have on living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life. (Click Here to start work on your own 52 Intentional Affirmations).

I thought this week’s affirmation would be pretty easy to put in place, but I guess like most things, you need to work smart to be able to produce the results you’re after.

Which in a way is a bit ironic, especially when this week I’ve been focusing on going the extra mile.

It’s such an easy thing to say – to ‘go the extra mile’, but I’ve got to admit, finding opportunities to do so took a bit of effort.

As I focused on what I was doing with my clients this week, I adopted the strategy at the end of every conversation of articulating my intention by asking each client I was speaking with or emailing with, “I’m really wanting to do more for you, and I’m just wondering, if there was something else I could be doing for you that I’m not, what might that be?”

Interestingly, most clients would tell me I’m doing more than they’d expected anyway, or that they couldn’t think of anything at that moment and would get back to me if there was something else I could be doing for them.

At home I found it a bit more easy to go the extra mile. There were plenty of opportunities where I could see some things that needed to be done, and just got stuck in and got them done – without the expectation of anyone necessarily noticing… but what I found was unrequested recognition was pretty forthcoming over the week in response to my intentional extra mile focus.

Where I enjoyed intentionally working on the affirmation this week was with strangers.

Although probably not always technically ‘going the extra mile’, I kept looking for doing nice things that people wouldn’t expect. A simple examples were letting someone take my turn at  a delicatessen counter because they had a couple of young children (and I know how quick we used to want to do our shopping when the kids were with us). Another was collecting and returning some shopping trolleys for a few people as I passed on my way to the trolley return bay – I was going anyway, and it just sped up their shopping by not having to return theirs.

You’ll probably be aware that I’m a believer in intentional reciprocity – that what we give out we typically get back. The big ‘get back’ for me in practicing going the extra mile philosophy, was just a personal sense of well-being for myself. It feels good to do good things. Now, I’m no saint, and I’m not suggesting that’s what this is about – but once again, what’s really enjoyable about this weekly posting of my experiences with these 52 Intentional Affirmations, is holding myself accountable for mindfully and intentionally implementing each one as best as I can.

What I hope by posting my experiences, is that you too, in some way, will pick up on some intentional action that you can implement that will help you live an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

How will you go the extra mile today?