Thats what friends are forIn Bruno Mars’ song “Count On Me” he sings the line “that’s what friends are supposed to do”. If you go back quite a few years, Dionne Warwick sang the beautiful song “That’s what friends are for”. The relationships we have, not just our friends, but all of our personal and professional relationships have the capacity to create amazing meaning in our life – and it’s reciprocal… the more we give in our more meaningful relationships the more meaning we gain.

One of my favourite academics in positive psychology is Michael Steger from Colorado State University. He is arguably the most current prolific researcher, thinker and writer on meaning and quality of life.

In Michael’s Tedx talk (highly recommended) he says “Life is our moments… (and)… We have an unknowable amount of moments. All we know is that once we spend them we can never get them back and we can never get more.”

For many years now, I have been researching academically and experientially how I can personally be more intentionally mindful, in more moments that matter, more often. This has become almost a mantric question and purpose for me, and it’s the genesis of my evidence-based Intentionomics Trust Model that I’ve been applying in my own life and sharing through my conference speaking, masterclasses and executive mentoring programs.

Steger’s research points out that meaning in life basically consists of two components: (1) Purpose which is each of our innate drive to do things, and (2) Significance, which is our innate drive to make sense of things.

While purpose and significance are not the only things we need in our lives, the research is pretty convincing that with them, regardless of what else we have in our lives (good, bad or indifferent), we will are more likely to be enjoying a wide range of psychological and physiological benefits, and even more significantly, we will have a reduced chance of dying earlier.

That’s a pretty convincing argument for each of us to have meaning in our life.

The paradox is, as humans, by default, we are all making meaning of what’s going on around us in our professional and personal lives… it’s a natural way of human functioning. The issue is whether we’re intentionally aware of the meaning we are drawing from our everyday life experiences, and the impact that this meaning that we might be unaware of, is having on our personal and professional lives.

This is where the Intentionomics Trust Model is so practical and powerfully effective in guiding you through step by step, how to become more intentionally mindful in more moments that matter more often.

By helping you to identify the people you impact in your various personal and professional life roles, and then to go beyond just seeking meaning in your life, asks you to clarify and articulate your intentions for others in your life. Through this clarification and articulation of your intentions for others (what you want for them and not what you want from them), what we know from the research, is that you will, by default, experience more meaning in your life through focusing on the value you bring to the relationships you have.

If you’d like to experience all of the range of psychological and physiological benefits that can be experienced from being more mindfully aware of the meaning in your life, in more moments that matter and more often, I recommend you consider completing my 10 module (delivered weekly) video-based guided study program “Inspiring Personal Prosperity”. Click here to learn more about it now and to experience the first module for free.

Warmly, David.

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