young leadersThe latest research on trust has big implications for intergenerational leadership and teams within organisations.

At an intuitive and experiential level, most of us get that trust is the foundation of relationships.

We also know that almost everything in our lives is impacted by the relationships we have. The latest research findings from two studies undertaken by Claudia Haase and Michael Poulin and published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science highlight that higher levels of interpersonal trust are associated with higher levels of well-being.

OK… not so startling a finding, however, what is really interesting is that their research also suggests that older adults show higher levels of interpersonal trust than do younger adults.

If there is less interpersonal trust in the younger demographic of business, this, (as an increasingly large body of evidence is suggesting), has the potential to negatively impact every success measure of an organisation.

What the research fails to explain is why younger adults report lower levels of interpersonal trust. The research also isn’t specific about whether younger people report lower levels of trust in others, or whether they’re reporting lower levels of earning the trust of others, or whether it is both.

However, causation aside, the significance of this research for business owners and corporate leaders is well worth considering.

The implication is business owners and leaders cannot afford to just take trust for granted. If as demonstrated by this latest research, that younger leaders within the organisation have lower levels of interpersonal trust than do their older counterparts, or for any business or profession that has a large demographic of younger workers… especially client facing (whether via face-to-face, on-line or over the phone), it is imperative that they be provided with learning and development (including training, coaching, mentoring) that helps them to build their skills, confidence and character in ways that promote an increase in interpersonal trust (trust in others and earning the trust of others).

Warmly, David.

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