Some of the most common catch cries of the modern era in business have included:

  • to pursue our personal best
  • to realise our full potential and
  • to go beyond just being good and to strive for great.

But in this post I want to celebrate being ‘average’… because in reality, the majority of us are just that – average.

Now, what I’m not saying is that we should aim for average, (although my eldest son did tell me that in his final year of high school he was aiming to strive for mediocrity… a born comedian).

What I am saying is that sometimes just being ‘good’ IS ‘good enough’.

Today I travelled home on a train from the city after a day of meetings. Now I have to admit, it’s been sometime (years I think) since I commuted into the city. However, my experience on the trip home today was fairly average, typical, normal in most ways that I’m sure you would have experienced as well.

What was different, not great, but certainly not normal, average or typical in my past experiences, was the friendly, understandable, informative and enjoyable way the train conductor was making announcements before, during and after arriving at each train station on my trip home.

Now my guess is the way he spoke so clearly, and how he kept his passengers informed is probably what the management of City Rail have trained all their conductors to do.

My point is (and I’m only basing this on my own experiences), by this conductor actually doing only what is probably expected of him in his job, for me, as a traveller on this day on his train, doing a good job was absolutely good enough.

He didn’t have to do a great job to stand out from other conductors on others trains who have probably been trained in the same way that he has been trained. He just did a good job… and it was good enough.

For all of us, whether in our personal or work lives, ‘doing good’ is the minimum standard of performance that will help us to move toward living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Anything less than aiming for ‘good’ ISN’T good enough, however, putting all the hype aside, most of the time, good IS good enough.

Being clear on our intentions for ourselves and for others and following the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life help us to focus on being intentionally ‘good’… and it’s then that we can make intentional choices and actions, depending on our personal wants, needs and aspirations, about whether we strive for greatness or not.