Sometimes, despite the evidence from scientific studies, it is easy to write off good advice and just leave it to chance… and the chances are, when we leave things to chance, we’ll more than likely just leave it!

In the midst of what the daily news and headlines would have us believe is a continuous depletion of morals and decline in the importance of what it means to be a person of ‘good character’, our youngest son experienced the joy (and relief) that comes with gratitude from a good deed.

Anthony lost his mobile phone on Saturday evening while walking home. After retracing his steps the next morning, unfortunately he didn’t find the missing phone. Having just returned recently from an overseas trip, he was most concerned that he had lost a number of photos, and of course, just the inconvenience of having to report it lost and needing to go through the hassle of cancelling his sim card and all the other stuff that needs to get done in this type of situation.

He decided to send a voice and text message to his mobile phone in the hope that if someone did find it, they would be able to contact him (via Mum’s phone).

Well, to his surprise at around 8:00pm last night, we received the call he had been hoping for, and by 9:30pm he had the phone returned to him.

Anthony had written a quick note of thanks and placed a monetary reward inside an envelope to hand to the person when they knocked at the door to return the phone.

The true joy of genuine gratitude is something to behold, and this will be one of the moments of truth that Anthony will be able to return to, when things may not be going so well, and draw strength and trust in human nature, that despite the bombardment of doom and gloom through the media headlines, there is plenty of ‘good’ in this world.

Science tells us that people who practice genuine gratitude tend to be more positive, healthier, live longer, have stronger relationships and have higher levels of well-being.

What today are you grateful for in your personal and work life? Take a moment of mindful reflection and maybe give someone a call, drop them an email, buy them a gift, or let them know in some way how grateful you are for the value they add to you living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Sadly, if you think this is a bit ‘soft’, and that gratitude doesn’t really matter, or we should just take it for granted, you just might be missing out on one of the most important ingredients to living a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life.

Gratitude doesn’t take much to practice, but it is still a choice. I hope you choose well today.