In his book “FREE” author Chris Anderson explains that information wants to be free, and the internet has enabled that to happen. The internet and the way we use the internet to source information, readily available at our fingertips, has changed many aspects of our lives.

When we can’t remember the name of ‘that guy’ from ‘that movie’, we don’t have to wait until 3:00am when we awake from our sleep with the name now clearly in our minds. We can simply use our favourite search engine, and there it is. Instant information and it’s free.

Regular readers of my Intentionomics blog might have noticed that over the past week I haven’t been blogging as regularly. The reason is I’m currently in the middle of a major revamp to my SalesCoachCentral website where I’ve decided to open up the majority of the site to be freely accessed by anyone 24/7.

We launched SalesCoachCentral in 2007, and in Australia it was one of the very first membership sites – offering (for less than $1 a day) access to a wide range of tools, tips, resources, learning programs and coaching advice on how to build your skills to win more new, repeat and referral sales.

Since 2007, we’ve had thousands of salespeople, sales managers and business owners join SalesCoachCentral, and Liz and I are extremely proud of how we’ve helped to create learning opportunities that result in more sales success for more people.

We figure that more salespeople and business owners, having free access to learn how to implement an ethical sales and customer service approach is a good thing.

There is a Gold Membership level (existing members automatically become Gold Members) that we’ve decided to maintain for people looking for more tailored learning, guidance, coaching and mentoring to boost their sales, and this is also what Chris Anderson in his book alluded to… while information wants to be free, professional advice that sorts through all the information, and tailors that information to individual advice is what people are most often prepared to pay for.

So over these next two weeks, while I will be posting here from time to time, I just wanted to let you know that I’m certainly not running out of ideas and information that I want to share with you from my on-going research into applied positive psychology on how to live more happy, flourishing a prosperous lives… but will be posting a little less just while I’m completing this SalesCoachCentral update.