Each of our personal and business lives are dotted with moments of truth – those moments that can stop us in our tracks when we become consciously and mindfully aware of them. Sometimes they teach us a lesson, other times the lessons are there for us to learn, and yet the moment just passes by.

Friends of ours living in the beautiful Blue Mountains suburb of Winmalee almost lost their home yesterday in the horrid fires that have so much of NSW under threat as I write this post. The fire got to their back yard, but the wonderful fire fighters were able to contain it and no damage was done to their home.

Liz and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are still under threat and for those who have sadly had property damaged or lost from the fires.

Our friends texted us just after they’d been evacuated (when their house was still under a real threat from burning down) “all of us are safe… that’s what matters.”

One of the things we know about we humans is sometimes, and in reality most often, it takes a bit of an emergency or critical event for us to really (and I mean really) stop and reflect on what’s really important in our lives. And of course it is our relationships.

A couple of days ago, another friend of ours called to let us know that he and his long-time partner had separated. The pain and emotions he was experiencing were clearly evident in his voice as he shared what he felt he could at that stage.

I was presenting yesterday to a wonderful group of business development managers for a national industrial cleaning company and we were focusing on intentional selling and what it takes to earn trust in our business relationships, and one of the group said “I realise now, and probably always have, but haven’t really thought about it, but I need to work harder on the intentions I have for the business and personal relationships I have.”

Each of these examples, as well as the research I’m currently doing in testing and validation of emotional intelligence and subjective wellbeing has certainly allowed me to mindfully and consciously be aware of how important the relationships (personal and business) that I’m blessed with in my life are to me.

So a relatively short post today, but one that comes with a call to action… which is, sometime today, make a list of the people you directly and most often impact in your personal and/or your job roles. For each of these people, complete the following statement… “My intention for this person is that they… “ (instead of intention you could replace that word with your goal, wish, or hope for that person).

This exercise has been proven through a number of scientific studies to help boost your overall sense of wellbeing and pride in who you are and what you represent and bring to this world. To really boost the impact of the exercise, take the next step and share what you’ve written with each of the people you’ve listed your intentions for. Write a note and post it. Pick up the phone and call them. Type in an email and send it. Post it on your social media page.

As I type this post, looking out over Kogarah Bay, Sydney is being choked by the smoke and haze from the fires that are still out of control and threatening homes, possessions and the lives of many people. Even if you’re far from any danger of these NSW fires, whether interstate or international, take a moment today to be intentionally grateful for the relationships you have in your life.