Like most thinking Australians, I’ve been watching with interest the unfolding story of the 2012 Australian Olympic Swim Team’s alleged inappropriate behaviour at the time of the London Olympics.

It’s certainly not my place nor my intention to judge the swimmers on their behaviour.

I do however want to raise the question of what appears to be a general lack of leadership and accountability at the coaching and management levels of the swim team.

When Aristotle penned the words “Our actions and our behaviour are our morals shown in conduct” he was referring to our character, and it would certainly appear to me that the managers and coaches of the Australian Olympic swim team would do well to assess their understanding of what it means to be a person of good character.

This is another, unfortunate negative example of the platform principle of Intentionomics which is People Get Your Truth – over time, your intentions, actions and results will either promote or expose you.

Here’s where the importance of understanding how and why your intentions matter.

I have little doubt in my mind that it was not then or now the intention of the team’s management nor the swimmers themselves to be people of questionable character. But therein lies the issue. Without mindful intentional action, we leave our character to whimsy, to chance and to being lost in the moment.

Mindful intentional action starts with the application of the Light of Day Test, which is asking yourself this question:

With this decision I’m about to make, or this action I’m about to take, would I make this decision or take this action, if it were held up in the light of day for all to see?

I would recommend the Light of Day Test be part of the curriculum on the Australian Swim Team’s next official training meeting.

Character matters and your character is on display every day through your thoughts, words, actions and results. The question is, are your thoughts, words, actions and results built on a platform of good and mindful intention, or are they being left to whimsy, chance and just lost in the moment?