Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is experiencing and demonstrating to us all just how the platform principle of Intentionomics can have a significant impact on our lives. The platform principle of Intentionomics is People Get Your Truth – over time your intentions, actions and results will either promote or expose you.

When Aristotle penned the wisdom of “Our actions and behaviours are our morals shown in conduct” he was highlighting to the world of the importance of personal accountability for our intentions, actions and results.

Politics aside, I was impressed by what Sydney columnist for the Daily Telegraph, Miranda Devine had to say in her column “Pressure on a PM under siege” (Pg 13, 28.11.2012) about our Prime Minister’s response to the allegations of her involvement in setting up a slush fund for the AWU some 17 or so years ago.

Devine writes “It’s not the media’s fault she is mired in this. Nor is it particularly the fault of the opposition, which has come to the party. No. In my view it is entirely the fault of Julia Gillard and colleagues who installed her and now are suffering buyers’ remorse.”

Devine concludes the column with “Character is destiny.”

Wow, what powerful words.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone being described in the following way “She’s a real character”, but have you ever stopped to think what that actually means? Mostly, when someone describes another as being a ‘real character’ they are saying their individual actions and behaviours and personality are such that differentiates them from others.

In this way, our character is who we are, or our personal truth on display, through our actions and our behaviours. In other words, again, as Aristotle wrote “Our actions and behaviours are our morals shown in conduct.”

But what of certain situations where people act ‘out of character’? What’s going on when this happens?

One explanation is that in a certain situation, they have either consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, morally disengaged from their decision or action. Or in other words, they have acted out of character.

This is where the inescapability of intentionomics comes into play. People Get Your Truth! Over time your intentions, actions and results will either promote or expose you.

If your decision or action that was ‘out of character’ was unintentional, and you become aware of it (either through personal reflection on the outcome or results of the decision or action, or through being made aware of it by others), it is how you respond next, your intentional response, that will speak loudly of your character, your truth about you.

Which means, if a person who might have appeared to ‘act out of character’, continually repeats the same or similar decisions and actions, then the reality may very well be that they indeed are acting ‘in character’ and their intentions or their bigger WHY that is driving their actions is on display.

Miranda Devine’s words “Character is destiny”, are certainly wisely written. The decisions we make and the actions we take are indeed our character in action and our intentions on display. And when it comes to our destiny, it’s our intentions, actions and results that will either promote us toward a positive destiny or expose us to a destiny that is far from desired or positive.

On the ‘Today’ breakfast show on Channel 9 (29.11.2012), Carl Stefanovic asked Ita Buttrose “Do you think the general public care about what the Prime Minister did 17 years ago?” Buttrose replied (paraphrased) that the general public do indeed care. Maybe not so much as to what happened, but in the way the Prime Minister seems to be dancing around the truth.

At a recent corporate conference presentation Deception expert Steve Van Aperen provided examples of how people can not answer truthfully by deflecting their answers away from answering the actual questions. Politicians seem to be experts at this deflective way of responding to questions they’re asked by the media.

Again, regardless of your political persuasion, the platform principle of intentionomics ‘People Get Your Truth’ – over time your intentions, actions and results will either promote or expose you, seems to be knocking on Ms Gillards door very loudly. Perhaps we won’t have to wait until the next election to see whether the platform principle of intentionomics will either promote or expose our Prime Minister.