So Kevin Rudd takes back the leadership of the Australian Labor Party and will once again lead our country as Prime Minister… for how long though?

Regardless of your political persuasion, in this post I want to use the Intentionomics Trust Model to explore key questions every thinking Australian needs to be asking about the upcoming election.

Intention sits as the foundation upon which the Intentionomics Trust Model is built.

What do you believe are the intentions Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have? How do they differ? When I refer to their intentions, I don’t mean for themselves, or for their political parties. What I mean are the genuine intentions for the Australian people in their various life roles.

One of the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life outlined in the Intentionomics Blueprint is to define your intention for each life role. For Kevin Rudd and for Tony Abbott, what do you believe their intentions are for you in the various life roles you have… as parent, as employee, as business owner, as consumer, community member etc.?

Pillar Of Promises

On the left side of the Intentionomics Trust Model is the Pillar of Promises. Here’s where we start to get a bit concerned about our politicians in general. What are the promises that Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are making? And again, on what intentions are they being based? The promises being made set the expectations of the Australian (and international) people, and when promises made are broken (which seems to be the norm rather than the exception), cracks start to form in the Intentionomics Trust Model… in other words, trust is at risk.

Pillar of Action

Moving to the centre of the model and the Pillar of Action, we ask what are the actions being implemented by Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott? Using the words of Aristotle, ‘actions and behaviours are morals shown in conduct’. As we listen and watch the behaviours and actions of Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, we are seeing their morals shown in conduct… we are seeing their personal character in action.

If you’ve ever watched the disgraceful performances of politicians in general during Parliamentary Question Time, the real question we need to be asking, is through their actions, shouting, labelling, bickering, taunting etc., what decisions can we be drawing about their character? The sanctity of parliamentary privilege (what a nonsensical moral disengagement that is!) does not allow politicians to separate their personal morality with some sort of political morality… and yet that’s what they will tell you – don’t judge my character based on parliament… that’s just politics.

Pillar of Results

The Pillar of Results is what we are all accountable for and this is true of Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. What are the expected results we will hold them accountable for? More importantly, what are the results they will hold themselves accountable for?

I find the lack of accountability for the results that are achieved (either intentional or unintentional results) by our politicians to again be immoral. If they were in business (and in reality they are in the business of running our country), many of the results achieved (or failings achieved) by our political leaders from their promises (kept or broken) would have seen them fired for incompetence and deceit.

This leads to what rests on top of the foundation of intention and the three pillars of promises, actions and results… TRUST.

The real question for the Australian people as we approach this election with a new leader of the Labor Party and with the current leader of the Liberal Party is who will you trust.

Sadly, when you use the Intentionomics Trust Model to ‘test’ the trustworthiness of our political leaders, too many cracks appear in the Pillars of Trust.

When you get your intentions clear, make intentional promises, take intentional action, and achieve intentional results, you send loud and clear messages about your character, and about your trustworthiness.

When you have unclear intentions, make unintentional promises, take unintentional action, and achieve (or fail) with unintentional results, you send loud and clear messages about your character, and about your trustworthiness.

People Get Your Truth!

So a final note to Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott based on Intentionomics. People Get Your Truth! Over time, your intentions, promises, actions and results will either promote you or expose you.