There is a powerful lesson we can learn from what may seem like four totally unrelated headline stories this week.

The first story is the media frenzy reporting on Joel Madden, front man for the band Good Charlotte and likeable judge on Channel Nine’s big ratings show ‘The Voice’ reportedly being ‘caught’ with marijuana in his hotel room.

The second is Australian cricketer David Warner reportedly in an alcohol related altercation with an English cricketer.

The third is the offensive menu created by the owner of a Brisbane restaurant that belittled the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

And the forth, is where a passenger on a train travelling from Philadelphia overheard a man bragging loudly about his extra marital affairs and decided to record and post his image on Facebook and asked people to forward it on, which well over 250,000 people (and rising quickly) almost immediately did.

What’s the link? They are all examples of Intentionomics in action.

People Get Your Truth! Over time your intentions, your promises, your actions and results will either promote you or expose you.

Welcome To Citizen-TV

Whether you like it or not, we are now living in a world where there time it takes for intentions and actions to be revealed is faster than ever before in history. It’s gone beyond George Orwell’s film ‘1984’ and Big Brother watching you. Welcome now to the world of Citizen-TV where Everyone Is Watching You!

Whatever your preferred social media platform, the reality in this new world of Citizen-TV you are going to not only be able to tap into the actions (intentional or otherwise) of celebrities, sporting stars, and politicians, but you’re going to see more and more examples of everyday people being ‘outed’ by other everyday people.

Everyone today is a potential reporter with their own Citizen-TV channel.

Perhaps along with this trend, taking into account that we all make mistakes, we may see an aligned trend of people realising how importantly others interpret their character. As Aristotle wrote “Our actions and behaviours are our morals shown in conduct”.

When we’re clear on our intentions for the people we interact with through our various life roles, we get clearer about the promises and expectations we create, and this will help us to choose more intentional actions, develop more intentional habits and achieve more intentional results.

People get your truth… and the time it takes for them to discover it is getting shorter and shorter and more obvious to the rest of the world than ever before.