trustMy friend Vanessa Hall, author of The Truth About Trust has a wonderful saying that “Trust Is Fragile” and for the past few years now has been promoting May 3rd as International Trust Day. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

It’s a very elegant way of talking about trust isn’t it… “Trust is fragile”. Vanessa also says to “treat trust with care.”

One of the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life outlined in the Intentionomics Blueprint is to build intentional trust relationships.

When you look at most areas of your personal and business life, your level of enjoyment and success is usually directly or at least indirectly impacted by others. The trust relationships you have in your life are key to you living a happy, flourishing and meaningful life.

As we approach this International Trust Day on 3rd of May, I encourage you to set yourself the intentional goal of selecting some of the relationships you have at work or in your personal life where you might have neglected them a little, and to ask yourself what your intention is for those people. What do you want for them, not what you want from them.

And on the 3rd of May, write and send a personal note or card to each of those people (don’t do it by email), thanking them for how they contribute to you living a happy, flourishing and meaningful life (whether that’s in your personal or work life), and share with them on their card what your intention is for them… what you want, wish, or hope for them, or what your goal is for them.

It’s a simple act… not necessarily an easy one if you’re not used to expressing gratitude, but an action that will have a positive impact on the people you impact through your various life roles, and a positive impact on you as well.

Trust matters… Intention matters… Character matters.