On the 18th of December, Sydney had a recorded top temperature of 45.8 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit, although on my way to an appointment on that day, my car’s computer registered it as 47.5. Whatever… it was HOT!

Since that date, and more recently, most of the east coast of Australia has been experiencing some horrific rain, lightning and thunder storms. Some towns have had flooding and damaging winds, while at the same time parts of Victoria were on high alert because of out-of-control bush fires.

Now you might be thinking you’ve mistakenly ended up reading the Weather Channel Blog, but what the floods, storms, and bushfires got me thinking about is how we view our realities.

“Will you build again?” The reporter was standing in ankle deep water outside what were the remains of a house that had taken a severe beating from raging flood waters that had basically destroyed the entire structure and all of the furniture and fixtures inside.

The mother with a baby in her arms, fighting back tears simply said “Yes … this is where we belong.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been through that type of devastation, and pray that I won’t. But what resilience that woman has, and if you were watching the media reports of the floods and bushfires, this story of resilience was repeated again and again.

There were however a few who had been through the floods or bushfires just one too many times, and this time they resolved would be the last, saying, “I can’t go through this again… I just can’t.”

And who could argue against that decision either?

This isn’t about right or wrong, but it is about reality.

While the examples of bushfires and floods are of course extreme, nearly every day each of us is faced with much smaller, sometimes significant however, moments of truth where we need to decide if we have the resilience to endure and to continue taking intentional actions to help us live more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.

While I’ve often written and spoken about the zero sum game of ‘keeping up the Joneses’, paradoxically, when I see families going through the devastation that nature can deliver, or children suffering with illness, or a mum or dad entrepreneur who took the challenge of starting their own business only to have their doors closed because of a lack of sales… it brings a certain slap of reality back to my mindful awareness to be grateful.

“In the scheme of things…” what do you have to be grateful for? Who will you thank today for making your life that little bit better? Take intentional action now. Pick up the phone, send a quick email, write a little note, or make an opportunity to catch up with them as soon as you can. Let them know your WHY – why you want to thank them, for what they’ve helped you feel, do or be.

Sometimes we leave our thankyou’s to chance. Chances are though, when we leave things to chance, we just leave them.