TimeOverall, how satisfied are you with your life? It’s an interesting question isn’t it! This is one of the most asked questions by positive psychology researchers.

Some research is also focused on how your overall life satisfaction is impacted by the way you use your time.

Sadly for many of us we take time for granted. It comes and goes… causing some of us to ‘exist’ rather than ‘live’ more mindfully in more moments more often.

The way in which we mindfully use the time we have (and we all share the same amount of hours in any day) falls under the banner of ‘Self-Trust’… our ‘future-self’ needs to trust our ‘current-self’ in the way we use our time today, so as to maximise our potential not only for today but in our future as well.

How satisfied are you with how you use time in your own life?

In this post I will get you to think about how you currently assess your time usage in four key areas typically studied in positive psychology. Use the scale 1 is a low score and 5 is a high score:

The first is Motivation: To what extent do you like what you do and perceive it as being worthwhile?
In the interest of sharing, my personal score is a 4. I have a large amount of intrinsic motivation that learning about and sharing information and strategies on how to live more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives is my calling. Because I run my own corporate education and conference speaking business, I don’t see the time I invest on university study, working with clients, speaking at conferences, preparing new presentations, etc., as work… it’s a joy, and it does make a difference.

The second is Organisation: To what extent do you have a balance of time?
My score is 4. I have total control over my time and firmly believe that I have a good balance of personal time (for physical activity, creative nurturing, mental stimulation and goal pursuit – both personal and business).

The third is Execution: To what extent do you believe you use your time responsibly and with a sense of achievement?
My score is 3. Here I score myself lower, because I am always conscious of sometimes choosing that which I enjoy more, over that which really ought to take priority.

And finally, the fourth area is Evaluation: To what extent do you suffer from time anxiety or lack of control?
My score is 1. I am blessed to have a strong sense of time affluence, and therefore my satisfaction with time use is high, which limits any or very little time anxiety or lack of control.

Again, I share my own scores with you not with the intention for you to compare (as we know, social comparison doesn’t usually result in helping you to improve your overall life satisfaction and wellbeing). Rather, I share my own scores by way of demonstrating how you might also consider rating yourself in each of these areas.

Of course, the key is to then take intentional action in some way to work on your strengths and to address any areas you believe might need to be improved.

I trust you’ve found the thought experiment of value.