52 Intentional Affirmations:

#6. I believe in abundance and strive for success! This week I will take time to reflect on my intentional successes.

Each week I’m reporting here on my personal experience in implementing my 52 Intentional Affirmations. These are designed to help us be more intentionally mindful of the impact our intentions have on living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life. (Click Here to start work on your own 52 Intentional Affirmations).

Over this past week, mindfully practicing this intentional affirmation has brought me some wonderful and meaningful moments of clarity, sadness, hope, trepidation, amazement, pride and joy.

Implementing this affirmation over the past week hasn’t been difficult at all, as it’s fundamentally an exercise in self-reflection and practicing the 2nd Inescapable Truth in the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life… which is ‘Take Stock Of Your Truth’.

Quite simply I do believe in abundance, and I want to share with you in this post the way I have learned to frame clearly what an abundant life means for me, and in so doing, I trust that it helps bring some clarity for yourself as you take stock of your own truth.

My weekly (and sometimes daily) reflective process involves me thinking about the past, present and future, and to draw on how abundant my life has been, is currently and will be in the future.

Practical Intentional Gratitude – The key to an abundant life

This is about adopting intentional gratitude, and I ask myself these questions:

  1. What am I grateful for that my past experiences (those I’ve enjoyed as well as those I haven’t enjoyed) and my possesions (things that money can and can’t buy) have helped me to be happy, flourish or prosper?
  2. What experiences am I grateful for right now (the things I’m enjoying as well as those I’m not enjoying) and in what I possess right now (things that money can and can’t buy) that are helping me to be happy, flourish or prosper?
  3. What experiences and possessions am I intentionally pursuing now to help me continuously live a happy, flourishing an prosperous life?

You see, an abundant life for me is about gratitude and accepting that whatever you’ve experienced already is in the past – and for that reason, you can either forget about it, dwell on it, or be grateful for life’s lessons and learn from it.

And an abundant life is about accepting what you’re experiencing today. It’s about practically implementing the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life and using your weekly reflection time to be grateful for what you’re experiencing and mindfully taking intentional action to help you live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Abundance is not a score card… it’s an intentional attitude of gratitude.

At this moment, as you’re reading this post, you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced – it’s in the past. The future will be what it will be, and you have no real control over that at all (no-one does). However, the mindful and intentional actions you implement today, you do have control over those, and when you approach life with gratitude (not necessarily enjoying each moment – we’ve got to experience all of the human condition of emotions – otherwise we’re not really living life) you realise that abundance is not a score card… it’s an intentional attitude of gratitude.

And finally, I wanted to touch on this concept of ‘Success’ and why the affirmation is about intentional success and not simply success alone.

Sometimes we’re just lucky in life. Good and not-so-good things can happen to us. Sometimes stuff just happens, and I’ll paraphrase here what Dr. Henry Cloud wrote in his book Integrity… Once you realise and accept that life isn’t easy, it becomes easier.

As I’ve reflected on my intentional successes this week, I’ve reflected on the ‘wins’ I’ve had in my life that were based on intentional aspirational goals.

Without setting and pursuing intentional aspirational goals we leave life to chance. And the chances are when we leave things to chance that we’ll simply leave them.

So as I conclude this post, my challenge to you, as it is to me, is to take stock of your truth and ask what are you truly grateful for in your past, present and future?