I’m currently doing some mentoring and coaching work with an Executive Board on aligning their intentions with their goals, promises, actions and results – which is fundamentally applying the Intentional Trust Model as individuals and collectively as a Board of Directors.

One of the questions I’ve asked each of the Board Directors is “Why did you want to join the Board in the first place?”

It didn’t surprise me that there was a consistent theme among the Directors in their reason for joining was to make a difference.

Scientific research has validated the long held philosophical view that having a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives is a key to our overall sense of well-being and contributes greatly to us living more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.

In what ways are you making a difference in your world? 

I’ve been reflecting on this over the past week and while discussing this with colleagues and friends, it appears that most of us tend to neglect ownership of the little ways in our daily lives that we actually do make a difference.

Sadly, our human comparative nature causes many of us to compare our lives to those of others who are making amazing differences. We see ‘ordinary’ people doing extraordinary things – starting charities, sponsoring life-changing causes, raising awareness of atrocities and taking stands against injustice.

For many of us, if we get locked into the comparative paradigm, we can lose any sense of real meaning or purpose in our own lives.

But what of the difference we make as intentional parents, raising our children to be of good character and values? What of the difference we make when we support in the best way we can our work colleagues and the teams within which we work each day? What of the difference we make when we volunteer for school councils, or local sport coaching or community assistance in some way? What of the difference we make for our internal and external customers?

One of the Directors on the Board I’m working with said “making a difference one person at a time”. And I reckon each of us has that opportunity to bring more meaning and purpose into our lives.

In the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life, the 3rd inescapable truth is to Define your intention for each life role. Rather than struggling to look for a higher meaning or purpose in your life, look first to your NOW and get clear on your WHY! What are the roles you currently have in your life? Parent, partner, friend, sibling, colleague, leader, supervisor, provider, work role etc.? For each of these roles, what are your intentions for the people you impact as you go about your daily life within those roles.

Being able to articulate your intention for each life role forms the platform upon which your promises, actions and results all stand, and it’s from your intentions, promises, actions and results that you create your intentional trust relationships.

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s been scientifically validated that having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life will add to our overall sense of well-being and help you to live an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life. The good news is you don’t really have to search that far to discover your purpose or meaning – you’re already living it to certain degrees, it just might need you to give it more mindful credence to the differences you make in the daily things you do.