Vale Nelson MandelaWith the passing of Nelson Mandela this morning (Sydney time), it would be negligent of me not to respectfully acknowledge the wonderful life role example of what it means to be a person of character and a person of clear intention.

So often here on the Intentionomics Blog I’ve posted articles and commentary about role models who have let themselves down, and in so doing created stress fractures in the levels of trust they have in themselves and with others. In a world where so often we look for examples of ‘best practice’, Mandela surely fits that description when it comes to character, integrity and intentional living.

Through Mandela’s life story, his teaching, and through his actions, I can think of no other person in my lifetime who embraced the reality that People Get Your Truth – over time, your intentions, promises, actions and results will either promote you or expose you.

Like most of us, I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet Mandela personally, but through his biography and the many documentaries on his life, we all got to know at least the public life of this great man.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said this morning (I’m paraphrasing here)… In Mandela we saw what most of us would want to be… and if the world had more people like Mandela, it would be a much more peaceful world.

When a person such as Mandela dies, his life’s actions and teaching live on, and for each of us, while the world keeps turning, the phones keep ringing, the emails keep arriving and the many distractions of life keep coming, we can, for a moment, pause and take stock of our own truth. While few if any will be able to emulate the integrity, character and actions of Mandela, in our own way, living in our own subjective worlds, we can take stock of our truth about our own character and about our own intentional choices and actions and the extent to which we are living a life that we are proud of.