This is my first post on Intentionomics for 2013 and I’m certainly looking forward to sharing with you my research and experiences on the impact of our intentions on living more happy, flourishing and prosperous work and personal lives.

While I’m not a big ‘new year resolution’ type of person, Liz and I certainly do review our life goals, check in on how we’re both feeling about what goals we have set, how we are progressing toward them, whether they’re still high priorities that we’re both inspired to achieve, how clear we are on what intentional actions need to be taken to achieve them, our commitment and accountability for taking those intentional actions and our realistic beliefs about our potential to achieve the goals.

I’m still amazed at how many people might set fleeting new year resolutions, rather than give more serious thought to lifestyle goals and intentional habits that will help them move closer to living more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.

Will your 2013 fly by?

One of Liz and my biggest discussion points about this new year has been around what I’m now referring to as the application of mindful and grateful time control.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”. This weekend just gone, Liz and I met with two dear friends for dinner at their apartment. We arrived at 7:00pm and before we knew it, (and typical of our experience with wonderful friends), our wide ranging conversation over dinner soon saw the clock tick over to 12:30am. We were having fun, and time really did seem to just fly by.

Here’s the thing though, and it’s a bit paradoxical.

While time might fly when we’re having fun, research shows when we are ‘in flow’ (participating in activities that positively inspire and challenge us) that time can appear to stand still.

The question I am currently researching and trying to gain more clarity on is this… if time flies when we’re having fun, and it stands still when we’re in flow, what if we’re having fun while in flow  –  can time stand still and while flying by?

Here’s where my thinking is at the moment.

Throughout January I’ve been taking a moment at the end of each day and jotting down in my Gratitude Journal whatever I intentionally (or reactively) experienced throughout the day that I was grateful for. Typically I’d do this right on sunset.

What I’m finding from this simple activity (which is now becoming an intentional habit of mine), is that throughout the day, I’m intentionally stopping and connecting more mindfully with what I’m doing and am having more mindful moments of gratitude.

And what I’ve discovered from this is that my January has not ‘flown by’. While of course it hasn’t in reality slowed down (there are always 24 hours in a day), having more mindful moments of awareness and gratitude has certainly helped this January to not be one where I will be saying to my friends and family “I can’t believe how quick this month has gone”.

I will keep you posted on how this application of mindful and grateful time control is working for me and what I discover from my research.

And just to keep you up to date on my current research – on my reading list at the moment are the following books:

  • The Happiness Trap – Russ Harris
  • The Miracle of Mindfulness – Thich Nhat Hanh
  • The Myths of Happiness – Sonja Lyubomirsky
  • Positive Psychology as Social Change – Biswas-Diener Ed
  • The Pursuit of Happiness – David G Myers
  • Curious? – Todd Kashdan
  • Aging Well – George Vaillant
  • Good Business – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Positive Psychology – Compton & Hoffman

These will be added to the resources section on the site and I will review them for you.