Much of the focus on character – whether that’s personal or organisational, is on WHY. The problem is, most of us need to know HOW… not just WHY!

In the field of applied positive psychology, my research is around the impact of our intentions on trust, relationships, meaning and success. Not just on WHY trust is important, because most of us get why trust is important, but more importantly on HOW to intentionally achieve more robust and valuable trust relationships that create reciprocal value for all concerned. To say the very least, it’s fascinating research and it impacts almost every aspect of our lives… yes… almost every aspect of our life is impacted by our character.

Character is not personality. It is not fixed. In fact, the latest scientific research that builds on years of philosophical positions, is proving that once we understand what character really is all about, we can then intentionally get to work on applying our character strengths, working on developing character strengths that we perhaps are lacking in, and this will, as science validates, help us to live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives. It will help us prosper at work and socially.

This is the latest video from the VIA Institute (Values In Action Institute), and it’s a wonderful summary of what’s really going on with your own character, why character matters, and what you could be doing right now, to work on your character, to help you intentionally build trust (self-trust, trust in others and others trusting in you), and in so doing, help you to live a more happy, flourishing and meaningful life – for yourself, and to make life better for others you impact through your various work and personal life roles.

I know you’ll not only enjoy watching this video, and that you’ll gain value from doing so.

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