mothersdayWith mother’s day approaching this weekend I always have mixed emotions. My mum died very young at age 54… this year I reach the same age as my mum was when she died thirty years ago. I share this with you in this post as I know I’m not the only one to lose their mum, but one lesson (of many) that I have certainly learned, is the importance of letting your mum know how grateful you are for all they’ve done for you, to tell them you love them for all that they have had to put up with you through your childhood (and especially through those teenage years).

We know from the research that being grateful is good for your overall sense of wellbeing… various studies point to positive health benefits, emotional benefits as well as relationship benefits… all of which impact our potential to live more happy flourishing and prosperous lives.

One of my personal favourite sites is and today they’ve got a wonderful post that shares some valuable research on what makes mums happy. So rather than me repeat and paraphrase here, I encourage you to jump over to this link and read the information. It won’t take you long, but I guarantee you’ll learn some stuff that you didn’t know, and be reminded of some stuff that you do know, and that maybe you ought to take some intentional action on.

If you’re a mum reading this… happy mother’s day to you.