Christmas is long gone, and Easter is but a chocoholic memory in most of our waste lines. But fear not! The marketing and advertising world has been working frantically over the past few months to capture your imagination and money, because the second Sunday of every May, is the one day of the year we are reminded to say ‘thanks’ to our mums for all they have done for us.

While the dream of a paperless society gets washed away most normal weeks by the ‘junk-mail’ delivered to our mail boxes, have you noticed the dramatic increase in volume of catalogues from what seems like almost every retail store and personal services business who apparently have that ‘something-special-for-mum’ that you would be just downright ungrateful to not buy for her this Mother’s Day?

What will be driving you and how will you say ‘thanks mum’ on this Mother’s Day? What’s your intention for your mum?

For me, this year once again, the ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’ shouts from the advertisers, marketers and multitude of street-stall and boot-sale florists and gift-basket businesses will result in ‘No Sale!’ I won’t be driven by guilt to rush out and buy a gift or a card. I certainly won’t get caught up in the keeping up with Joneses ‘What did you buy for your mum this Mother’s Day?’ question. I won’t be forced through pressure to travel many kilometres and hours to return home to say thanks or compelled to take mum out to a fancy restaurant to treat her like royalty on this one day of the year.

Sadly for me, for my father and my brothers, mum passed away in 1990 at the age of 54 – too young, gone too soon.

Mum and I were very close and I’d even say almost friends. A decade before mum died, as a twenty year old, I’d moved from my small home town in the country. I’d be often on the pay-phone, on the corner from where I was renting, at least twice a week, to let her know the news of what was happening in the big city adventure that I was then on… reverse charge calls of course.

I remember once sitting on the couch with Liz when we were first married, mum was still alive, and both Liz and I had the flu. We were struggling to look after ourselves, when it dawned on me, really, for the first time, just how much mum had always been there for me when I was young and needed her, if I was sick, hurt, or just needed someone to talk things through with. I got off my man-flu ridden couch, and called her to tell her. I’m so glad I did.

And even though I was fortunate enough to tell mum how much I loved her in hospital over the two weeks before she passed away, I know that before she became unwell, there were so many opportunities that were missed for me to tell her how much I loved her, to take a little more time to be with her, to chat, to maybe buy her the unexpected gift…

Still to this very day, as I am now almost to the age when my mum died, there are many little moments at least on a weekly basis, where I wish I could pick up the phone, hop a plane, or drive back home to let her know ‘thanks mum, I love you, and know how much you’ve done for me.’

So on this Mother’s Day, and for the years ahead, how clear are you on your intention for your mum? Your intentions set and drive the promises you make and the intentional actions you take. Mum’s get our truth! Mother’s Day is just one day of the year, and yes, it’s a great pattern interrupt that gets us focused on our mums, but the real challenge and opportunity, is to set a bigger intention for the next year to not just wait until Mother’s Day.