handlewithcare-smallI was in Fiji last week to conduct a keynote presentation on Intentional Trust for about 100 Property Strategists from IronFish.

What a privilege it is to present to a company where it’s obvious through every touch-point of my experience with the founding directors and the property strategists, that they genuinely share an intention of wanting their clients to be able to live happy, flourishing and meaningful lives through helping their clients become financially independent through their proven property investment strategy.

Having the capacity to fund your lifestyle without the necessity of having to work is what financial independence provides people. For some however, because work provides much more than just money, (meaning, connection, engagement, relationships, support etc.), despite being financially independent, they would still choose to continue to work. For others, it might free them up to engage in some other life pursuit that until being financially independent they haven’t taken up that opportunity.

This post however isn’t about financial independence… it’s about the privilege of trust.

Trust is a privilege… when people trust us, they are taking a risk. People are taking a risk, every time they trust you, whether that trust is in the advice you’re providing for them, or in a product you’re selling them, or in a job you’re completing for them, or in the leadership direction you’re giving them, or for whatever they are trusting you with. When we look at trust through a lens of privilege, and not just through a lens of acceptance, we take the privilege of that trust being placed in us with more importance, more reverence, and more respect.

When you treat trust as a privilege, people get your truth… they get that you get the risk they are taking in providing you with the privilege of their trust.

As I complete this short post on the privilege of trust, let me ask you these questions:

In each of your many life roles, who is taking a risk in providing you with the privilege of their trust, and to what extent are you treating that trust as a privilege?