If you’re like most people, despite all of the motivational speakers and self-help books you’ve probably read telling you that you need to be pursuing your passion and finding your purpose in life, the reality is more than likely that you haven’t discovered a purpose or passion or ‘calling’.

OK… if you have, congratulations!

However, in my experience, I reckon the idea of pursuing a passion, finding a purpose or a calling, is just practically unrealistic for the majority of people.

So… if you haven’t discovered your purpose in life, or your calling or you don’t have a passion that you can pursue (and continue to pay the bills), then relax and read on.

Let me ask you this – What do you think about the work you do? Is it just a job? Some motivational speakers would suggest to you that if it’s just a job you ought to leave it to pursue your passion and to find your purpose…


For many years now I have been asking people this question “Have you ever felt like you have a ‘calling’ or purpose that you’re supposed to be pursuing?” Now, while I don’t have scientific empirical evidence on this, what I can share with you is the majority of people respond to that question in the negative.

While of course there are some people who at various stages in their life, determine that they have a calling or a ‘purpose’ that they are driven to pursue, as I’ve stated earlier, for the majority of people, I’m just not convinced it’s a practical reality.

Stop stressing about passion, purpose or calling!

Rather than worrying and stressing about not having a calling or even a passion that you’re driven to pursue, let’s reframe the notion of purpose.

From the philosophical teaching throughout history to the modern day movement in positive psychology and well-being, the purpose of life is to pursue intentional activities to promote a happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

That doesn’t mean that we ought to be ‘happy’ 100% of the time… we need to experience the other emotions of being human.

If you ‘buy in’ to this as your purpose – to pursue intentional activities to promote a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life, it means taking time to define what a prosperous life means for you. This is the first of the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life in the Intentionomics Blueprint.

Rather than worrying about discovering what your ‘calling’ or ‘passion’ or ‘purpose’ is, by learning more about and applying the Intentionomics Blueprint you will more than likely discover opportunities that are available to you right now, but that you’re potentially blinded from, and that will reveal themselves to you as you work through the activities outlined in the Intentionomics Blueprint.

What I’m not suggesting is that passion, purpose or calling are not important. What I am suggesting is with the right kind of framing around the notion of a purpose in life, we can all pursue intentional activities that will lead to us living more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.