aspirationI’ve got a quick survey below, to help you flourish this week.

It’s Monday morning and for many it means trying to re-boot themselves after the weekend and get focused on what needs to get done during the working week.

What we know from many scientific studies, is the positive impact that your overall sense of wellbeing and especially your level of positive emotions, can have on your work life.

So before you get too far into this Monday ask yourself how would you rate your current state of ‘wellbeing’?

To make it easier, try this simple mini-survey (please answer it honestly…  your anonymity is assured).

Using a simple scale of 1=low and 5=high, the survey simply gets you to rate your health, physical fitness, positivity, engagement in work, work relationships, meaning and purpose you gain from work and your sense of achievement at work. These are key indicators of wellbeing and while any one of them in isolation doesn’t predict wellbeing, each are key elements of wellbeing.

I will post the results from the survey later in the week, but rest assured, simply answering the questions in the survey helps you to complete at least part of one of the 9 Inescapable Truths in the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life… Take Stock Of Your Truth!

If you’ve scored yourself low on any of the questions, make the intentional wise choice this week (Inescapable Truth #9) to take action to move your self-rating higher.

Our simple and regular choices throughout every day of our lives, while in isolation may not seem significant, small choices made regular form our habits of success.

I do hope you’ll take the time to complete this quick survey… and take the intentional action to help you flourish more at work this week and beyond (and in your personal life as well.