Each of the 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life outlined in the Intentionomics Blueprint were originally collated from a list I created based on my personal experiences and reflections on the first half century of my life, with the intention of sharing what I had learned with my two young adult sons.

As this exercise developed and resulted in writing the book Intentionomics, I searched for validation of the key messages in the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life.

What I discovered, and continue to discover is positive validation from the fields of ancient and modern day philosophy, the emerging fields of positive psychology and subjective well-being, mindfulness, spirituality, the dynamics of human performance, adult learning principles and applied ethics.

I was forwarded a link on the weekend from my good friend and brand management guru, Fiona Pearman that is a wonderful example of someone courageously applying the Intentionomics Blueprint Inescapable Truth #2 ‘Take Stock of Your Truth’.

As a ‘celebrity’ vegan, Alex Jamieson has been featured on Oprah, CNN, SuperSize Me, USA Today and the Huffington Post, extolling the benefits of living a vegan life.

However, Alex has recently taken stock of her own truth and realised that she no longer wants to be a vegan. In the article title “I’m Not A Vegan Anymore” which you can read here, you can get a sense of the mixed emotions and the sheer courage of Alex to hold herself accountable for her own truth and to ‘come out’ as a meat eater.

What I found most interesting is how we as humans so quickly judge the truth of others. All you need do is to read through the mixed feedback and intensely heated feedback from people who have been ‘following’ Alex. Some praise her, while others aggressively attack her for her decision in ‘letting the vegan team down’.

Taking stock of your own truth takes courage.

It’s a personal risk when we hold ourselves accountable for the intentional or unintentional decisions and actions we are making today. What we’ve done in the past is done. It’s in the past and we have no control over it. What happens in the future will be the future. We have no real control over what happens in the future. What each of us do have control over is NOW.

To what extent are you mindfully and intentionally holding yourself accountable for your life habits – your habits of eating, exercising, learning and personal growth, character, relationships, work, leisure, community, bringing meaning into your life?

Taking stock of your truth is a risk, but surely it’s a risk that each of us need to take if we’re going to give ourselves the best opportunity to live more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.