I recently read Laura Vanderkam’s short ebook on “What the most successful people do before breakfast” which basically promotes the idea that if you make the intentional choice to get up early and utilise that time effectively, it not only changes your mornings, but can change your life for the better.

Now I realise that for some people the idea of getting up at 6:00am instead of 7:00am isn’t going to sound that appealing. Especially if you’re not a morning person, and especially if you believe you need 8 hours sleep a night to be able to get through your day.

There’s a great article on the National Sleep Foundation (USA) site on How Much Sleep We Really Need , which basically explains research evidence that it varies between individuals, but the ideal amount seems to be somewhere between 7 and 9 hours.

For me I reckon it is 7 hours at the most and certainly through my adult life, I’ve pretty much always been an early riser – often to the grumbles of my not-so-early-rising wife Liz.

Mostly I use that time for a combination of jogging (I used to call it running but it’s now certainly jogging not running) or stationary cycling or a weights session. More recently Liz and I have a weekly 1 hour personal coaching yoga workout which I’ve now included 15 minutes daily during my morning routine.

Inescapable Truth #5 of the Intentionomics Blueprint is to develop intentional success habits… and my early rising ritual has become one of my success habits.

Now, I don’t tell you this to impress you (because I realise you’re probably not), but rather to impress upon you the value of developing the habit of intentionally maximising the same number of hours in the day that are allocated to us all.

One of my other success habits is that at the start of each month I research what else I will read over the next 30 days, which is how I stumbled on Laura Vanderkam’s ebook.

Taking intentional action (like the researching for intentional learning and the intentional success habit of rising early) often leads to other unexpected benefits that help you to live an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Vanderkam’s ebook was for a welcomed reminder for me on the importance of Inescapable Truth #3 – Define your intention (for you), and I trust this post is just that for you – a reminder that you can start and live each day with intention.

Intention matters!