Some positions of power, status, profession, or job as well as positions in society, communities, groups, associations and families are often talked about in the sense that they have an expectation of the person in any of those situations to be a role model.

And I’m certainly not challenging that – I also believe that certain business and personal life roles do come with the expectation of a high level of ethics, integrity, morals and strength of character.

However, I’m sure you would have seen or read about interviews with ‘fallen’ or ‘disgraced’ professional sportspeople, actors, or media personalities who take the position that they’re only human and that they didn’t ‘sign on’ to be a role model. This explanation will at times be worn almost as a badge of honour, and the individual who ‘messed up’ may indeed be sorry (for either being caught in the act, or more genuinely sorry for their inappropriate choice of action). The implications for these people, their family and futures may at times be serious while at other times have not so serious an impact.

Then we have the situation where more obvious life roles like that of a politician, judge, teacher, business owner or CEO for example, who ‘mess up’, and the implications of their inappropriate, actions as expected role models, can have devastating effects on the individual, their family life and their careers.
My view on what’s really going on here is the difference between the expectation of a position requiring the person to be a role model, and the intention of an individual to actually BE a role model.

Intention matters!

Whatever life role you have, being a role model is a choice. The 9th inescapable truth for a prosperous life in the Intentionomics® Blueprint is that it’s your intentional choice.

The world needs more intentional role models – people who, regardless of their life roles, decide to pursue a personal quest of developing their character, their integrity, their skills and knowledge and to pursue a happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Intentionomics® is about the impact of your intentions on you and on others. When you have a personal intention to positively impact the lives of others in some way, what you’re deciding is to be an intentional role model. You’re deciding to be who you need to be, and to do what you need to do, to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

When your intention is to do good, make good decisions, and to positively impact the lives of others and in so doing, positively impact your own life – that’s what releases intentional reciprocity! Even when you make a mistake, if your intention was not to make that mistake, or to cause a negative outcome, people will get your truth…..and that’s the platform principle of Intentionomics®……People Get Your Truth! Over time, your intentions, your actions and your results will either promote you or expose you.

A practical example for a parent could be to have the intention of being a role model for your children. Your intention is to choose the appropriate actions that will demonstrate strong moral character and choices by which your children will associate as good parenting, and modelling the choices they too ought to make. If you don’t want your children to think swearing is ok….don’t swear. If you don’t want your children to think drinking alcohol to excessive is ok…..don’t drink alcohol to excess.

For a business owner, it’s choosing to be the role model by which your employees will model their own work ethic. If you want a happy, flourishing and prosperous business, you need to create an environment that supports happy, flourishing and prosperous employees. This will require (just to highlight some possible options), flexible working arrangements, trust, open and honest communication and dialogue, and clarity around what is expected, supported and celebrated behaviour by all positional levels in the business from the executive suite through to the most junior employee.

The reality is, each of us as individuals, by choosing to follow the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life, and holding ourselves accountable for doing so, will by default be intentionally choosing to be role models – to be the person we need to be and to do the things we need to do, to live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life…..and showing others the path for themselves to do the same.

The world needs more intentional role models – will you step up?