As a professional conference speaker and masterclass presenter, I’m convinced that two of the reasons Liz and I are in our 21st year of business together, is the focus we have on earning the trust of our clients and the audience members in my programs, as well as the level of presentation skills that I’ve developed over more than three decades of practice practice and more practice.

In this post I want to share two valuable resources with you from colleagues of mine – the first on Presentation Skills (a skill that is essential for everyone) and the second on Trust (which impacts every success measure of our professional and personal lives).

HowToPresentJuly2015My good friend, acclaimed presentation skills trainer and coach, Michelle Bowden has just released her latest edition of the How To Present Magazine. The magazine is always packed full of great tips around presenting, communicating, and influencing (and there’s an article from me as well on How to help clients take positive buying action).
Here’s the link – it’s a free resource and I highly recommend you take a look.



Trust-Magazine-Summer 2015We all get that trust is important in our lives, but the danger is we take it for granted, and in so doing, we devalue it and put trust at risk. And when trust is at risk… everything is at risk! The latest edition of the Trust! Magazine, edited and published by my friend Barbara Kimmel is now available. This is a great Q&A edition on key elements of how trust impacts our professional and personal lives, and I highly recommend you make the investment of just $US4.99 and download your copy (you’ll find a few segments written by me inside as well). Here’s the direct link

I hope you enjoy and gain value from these resources.


Conference Speaking & Masterclass Programs: And don’t forget, I always welcome your feedback and if you’d like to have me present at your next conference on sales, customer service, leadership or success and how intentional trust can make all the difference, or if you’d like to explore how we can work together to boost your team’s success, let’s catch up to see what we might be able to do together.

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