aging couple on beachHere’s a quick heads up on important lifestyle research for financial planners and life coaches about what science tells us does and does not predict our potential to age well.

As the first wave of baby boomers have now entered retirement years and the second wave of baby boomers are about to do the same over the next decade, we know that the population is aging, and we know that we are living longer. The key questions are, will we live longer and be healthy in our old age and what are the predictors we ought to know about now and where possible take action on?

Internationally acclaimed expert on aging and director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, George Vaillant and his colleagues research provides 6 factors that do not predict healthy aging, 7 factors that do predict healthy aging.

The 6 factors that do not predict healthy aging are:

1. Ancestral longevity
2. Cholesterol level at age 50
3. Parental social class
4. Stable/warm childhood environment
5. Stable childhood temperament
6. Stress

And the 7 factors that do predict healthy aging are:

1. Not being a heavy smoker or stopping smoking by age 45
2. Positive coping behaviours in tough circumstances
3. Absence of alcohol abuse (moderate drinking is ok)
4. Healthy weight
5. Stable marriage
6. Exercise
7. Years of education (the more the better)

Vaillant’s philosophy about aging is to add more life into our years and not just more years onto our life. And as you review the above list of the predictors of healthy aging, you’ll notice that the really good news is that most of these are within your personal control…

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What science also validates is the importance of having mentors in our lives – especially when it comes to holding ourselves accountable for developing successful life habits that will promote a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

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